Purrfect Pastimes’ Grand Opening Page!

Revisiting our Grand Opening – June 10, 2016!

Celebrating our new website and the soon-to-be happening All New England Shop Hop, we thought it would be fun to revisit our grand opening post! The shop has changed a bit from these pictures, with more shelves and lots more fabric. We thought the shop was SO big when we started out, as you’ll see below, with a BIG empty room. It’s not empty anymore!  Scroll down through the pictures to see our beloved quilting studio being born…
Note: We apologize in advance as a few of the pictures are a little blurry – phone cameras have gotten SO much better!

Welcome to our shop!



We’ve got a loooooonnnnnggggg way to go!

But the new cutting table is almost ready…!

Starting with one bolt at a time….

Or one box at a time!

Well, the new bolts are out! Now what?

Must be time for a nap!


Look! There’s fabric on the shelves!

Ahhh, signs of progress!

Umm, what should we do with these?


First corner done!

OK, so they’re not all going to fit on one side….guess we’ll add the other side!


Err, those shelves are full too – now what?

We’re running out of walls…

Maybe we could put some shelves on the floor…??

What do you mean, you found more fabric?!

Temporary pause….getting ready for the Worcester show at the DCU Center….

Having fabric on the shelves while prepping for a show is SO cool!

They’re not all going to fit…Hush! Yes, they will!

OK, OK, they’re not gonna fit – maybe we can put one more row here…


There’s almost enough room for the table…What should we do with these last bolts?

Oh, and these…..?

Success! Now we just need the table…


Woohoo! Sewing can now commence!

A new home for the cutting table

Last load from the storage unit!

Umm, we might need more space for the Gamel…

I give up! Fine, we’ll get one more set of shelves…

We ordered MORE fabric? What were we thinking?!

It’ll all fit, really….!

I don’t wanna move more fabric!

We’re gettin’ there!

The Gamel is up!

What about this area?

That’s it! A clearance section…(for now, we have cool plans for this area later! Ask us when you visit and we’ll tell you all about it!)


Some areas are looking great now!

Hmmm, might want to add a little more light here…

Others….not so much

….but we got a pretty new rack, our first! We were so excited, we hung a few samples…!

From last weekend…we’re almost ready!

Tah Dah! We made it! All ready for the Grand Opening!

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