What are Zipper Pulls and Six Great Ways to Use Them!

What are Zipper Pulls and Six Great Ways to Use Them!

Our zipper pulls are sturdy pewter or brass charms on lanyard hooks so they can be taken on and off as desired. With the lanyard hook, they can attach to most standard zippers and can either replace the existing pull or be attached to it.

Every zipper has a zipper pull – it is the attached tab that allows you to grasp and pull the zipper open and closed. Every zipper comes with an attached zipper pull. However, they can be too small to grasp or break or just not be much fun. So why would I want another zipper pull if it already comes with one? Here’s six reasons why!

1. ZIPPER PULLS ARE GREAT FOR IDENTIFICATION! Does your sibling always take your favorite hoodie? Or ever notice at the airport how many of the SAME luggage bags are used? How can you tell which one is yours on the luggage cart? With a couple of our unusual zipper pulls, you’ll never have to question which one is yours!

2. ZIPPER PULLS MAKE HARD-TO-USE ZIPPERS A BREEZE! Ever have a zipper that’s too small or in a hard-to-reach place that frustrates you when you need to open or close it? Attach one of our zipper pulls and suddenly that problem disappears!

3. ZIPPER PULLS HAVE PERSONALITY! You can be sassy or sweet, wicked or loving, wise or funny! Change your zipper pulls to reflect your mood or show off what you’re passionate about!

4. ZIPPER PULLS MAKE GREAT GIFTS! They work great for that little gift that shows you care! They can be added to a larger gift, provide that little something, and even sent through the mail with a letter!

5. ZIPPER PULLS ARE A MUST FOR DEXTERITY ISSUES! Do you or someone you know have trouble manipulating small items? It’s it really difficult to grasp, hold, and/or manipulate small items? Attaching one of our zipper pulls to the zipper makes it larger and easier to grasp and hold while opening or closing.

6. ZIPPER PULLS ARE FUN! Black cats, rainbow hearts, Navy ships, and black spiders – we have HUNDREDS of zipper pull styles and provide a great way to personalize your bags or clothes with your own interests and personal style! Add some sass, some fun, and some pizazz to your bag, jacket, luggage….the possibilities are endless!

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