Lecture – The Colors in your Quilt. What do your quilts say about you?

NOTE: This class is not currently scheduled. If you’re interested, send us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll add you to our notification list when we have it scheduled again.

Let’s talk color! Come join us for a conversation and a new perspective on the colors you put in your quilts. Did you know the colors that you choose, or don’t choose, tell a story about you? They’re like little signposts to learning about what motivates and drives you, along with where you might be stuck or even missing out.
We’ll spend a fun evening exploring our use of color in quilts, sharing stories, learning why some color works and others don’t as we explore the use and meanings of color and of course, oohing and ahhing over a whole trunk show of quilts!
There’s one picture uploaded to the media library for this class – it has color class in the filename.


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