It’s a Jungle Out There Scenic

Jungle animals in a vibrantly green jungle

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A fat quarter is a common quilting cut of fabric. The cut is still a 1/4-yard of fabric but the measurements of the piece are different.

Most cotton fabric stock has a selvage-to-selvage width of about 45 inches. Therefore, a normal quarter-yard piece of fabric has dimensions of 9" x 45". A fat quarter is cut as a half-yard piece that is then cut in half. So the dimensions of a fat quarter are 18" x 22" approximately. This gives you a rectangle instead of a long strip and is generally much more useful for projects.

NOTE! Fat quarters are the standard quarter-yard cut that we provide. If you want a 9"x45" piece of fabric, let us know when you place your order.

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It's a Jungle Out There


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