Fairy tale castle, flat, design on both sides. Charm is pewter and available in silver finish only.


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Not your typical notion collection!

Our curated collection of notions complement what you'll find in other shops. We hold to our theme of novelty with a selection of useful, whimsical, or just plain fun notions!

Our zipper pulls are sturdy pewter or brass charms on lanyard hooks so they can be taken on and off as desired. With the lanyard hook, they can attach to most standard zippers and can either replace the existing pull or be attached to it. We make our Zipper Pulls with split rings and sturdy charms to ensure they will last. They make great gifts that can be tailored to individual tastes or interests too!

Premium Quality

Needle minders are designed to hold your pins and needles! They are secured in place with a strong magnet that will hold your needle securely in place, when you need to set it down for a minute. With the magnetic backing, the needle minder can be placed on your quilt or needlework to keep your needle and pins close at hand but be assured that they won't get lost to be painfully found later. The minders are original artwork from Kelmscott Designs. These also make great gifts! They also work as beautiful cameos for your non-stiching friends that are safe with any clothing, including delicate fabrics, and provide that perfect touch to any outfit!

Diverse Creativity

We carry a selection of scissors that are useful for specific purposes and often too just plain fun!  Most are custom designed scissors that can be used for embroidery and quilting projects. Then there are some that we recommend as the best scissors for particular methods or simply are ones we love!