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US Flag Zipper Pull
Zipper Pulls!
Great for gifts, bags, scissor fobs, and more!


What's New!

It's Update Friday! Err...Saturday!

July 14 - Oops! I think Friday the 13th happened to us..it's Saturday! Here's our update for this week, check out the new fabrics in the Seasonal category!

It's Update Friday!

July 6 - It's summer time! Time for barbeques, beach days, dips in the pool, vacations, and fun in the sun! Check out the LIGHTHOUSES while you're at the beach in your FLIP-FLOPS! There's BEER in the cooler but be careful popping the CAN TOP. For a special treat, there may even be LOBSTER rolls! If the beach isn't your style but you love the ocean, you could go FISHING or SAILING!

In other words, we have great new fabrics posted in the Food and Nautical & Ocean categories!

It's Update Friday!

It's update day! We've got just a few updates for you this week. New fabrics in Nautical and Ocean, Kid Stuff, and Music. Check them out in the Fabrics section!

Remember we specialize in novelty prints, so if you don't see what you're looking for, ask us about it!

It's alive! Our webstore is relaunched!!

We're SO excited! Getting the webstore back up has been an ongoing challenge for us this past year! This is just the first pass - we have *many* more fabrics, kits, notions, patterns, and ideas to add still!

All fabric categories now feature BRAND new fabrics...with many, many more prints to come - our fabric shelves are BURSTING past capacity already!! Fridays are update days! We'll be continuing to add new items every week!

We specialize in novelty prints, so if you don't see what you're looking for, ask us about it!


Visit our Quilting Studio!

We now have a part-time studio in Nashua, NH! Go to the studio site for more details and open times.

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